A little of what you fancy, does you good



Home Décor & Gift Shop

Dayspring Design is a unique home décor and and gift shop that offers a wide variety of affordable home furnishings and accessories to accent your rooms and provide the finishing touches for your home. We feature unusual pieces with new items arriving weekly.


Use What You Have Decorating

Our decorating services focus primarily on working with people, with what they already own and treasure, by rearranging and adding focal points. We will work with clients to update their look by editing, adding new pieces, and prioritizing future decorating needs. We travel in Texas and out of state working on over 100 short term decorating projects each year in homes, offices ,and churches. Additionally we decorate over 60 homes and offices for Christmas each year.


Fresh Floral Weddings & Events

We design and create the fresh flower pieces and decor for over 40 weddings and events each year. We work with our clients to achieve the look they desire. It is a privilege to be a vendor for these events, and our desire is to make it everything our client wants it to be.


Permanent Floral Design

The shop features beautiful and unique floral designs, and has a constant stream of custom floral pieces created specifically for clients